Physics Editor ~ Part I

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June 27th, 2009

The latest toolset I've been working on for Overgrowth is the physics editor. There are three big pieces to this, and each is now well underway. First, users need to be able to make and manipulate simple physics primitives (such as boxes, capsules, and spheres) that can be inserted into the Overgrowth physics world. Second, we need tools to link these primitives together with joints. And third, we need a way to attach models to the newly formed physics bodies (model rigging). We will go into more detail about each of these steps a bit later, when our tools are more polished. For now, I'd just like to demo some of the fun physics things I've been playing with:

Click here to watch it in HD!

One cool thing about the physics editor is that it will also serve as the back-end for our animation editor. This will ensure that our animations are part of the physical world and can thus react to impacts and uneven terrain.

Do you guys have any questions or thoughts about the video?