Social Media Icons for Game Developers

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June 27th, 2009

I'm working on a few parts of the Wolfire site and one thing that I've been wanting to do for a while is change our list of social networking sites from a laundry list of links to a more friendly group of icons. Sort of like how the amazing DanLab has his set up on the DanLab blog. Fun fact: DanLab made the original design for in exchange for some programming help from David. He is a very talented guy.

It sounds sort of trivial, but I suspect that having icons instead of text will bring more attention to these sites and cause more people to join them. As I mentioned earlier, these sites are actually the most important way people are finding out about us and they work better as more people join them.

Social networking icon sets are absolutely everywhere on the internet, but unfortunately these sets are often not game developer friendly, omitting the important ModDB and Steam. So I asked Iiro Jppinen if he had time to hook me up with some cool icons, and the next thing I knew, he sent me these on Skype!

Facebook icon ModDB icon Steam icon Twitter icon YouTube icon

Feel free to add them to your site. :) It would be nice to mention Iiro somewhere if you do though. If you need any other sizes or other sites, let him know in the comments and he will see what he can do!