Lugaru HD

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May 21st, 2009

Hey guys, as you know we like to do our best to acknowledge people that go out of their way to do something cool related to our games. Recently, it dawned on us that we owe a long overdue shout out to Tim Soret for his Lugaru HD pack.

Granted Lugaru doesn't have all the fancy texturing features like normal maps, light maps, specular maps, etc. that we're putting into Overgrowth but take a look at the difference between the screenshots below:

Tim went into the old Lugaru textures and gave them a complete makeover at a higher resolution. You can download his masterpiece on the forums here.

Tim recently gave me a sneak peek at an Overgrowth project he's been working on but I won't reveal it yet because I think he's going to debut it in SPF first. Thanks again Tim and good luck with all your cool projects.