Updates to Overgrowth's music

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April 19th, 2009

This is a post from Mikko Tarmia who is the composer for all of Overgrowth's music.

In this post, I want to talk a little about the evolution of music in Overgrowth. You might have heard some of the original music tracks which were produced when Overgrowth was still in the shape of Lugaru 2 (well, I guess that was only a working title for the project at the time). Over time, Overgrowth has developed a lot -- the game mechanics, graphics and other elements are all being updated, and so will the music get a new frosting and a cherry on the top of it.

With a selection of new sound libraries and improved music production skills, it was obvious for me to update every track made for L2. One of the decisions was to drop every brass instrument from the arrangements and bring in more ethnic instruments. Thanks to Anton Riehl, we will have some live ethnic flute playing included in the soundtrack.

I made two audio examples for comparing the differences between old and new. The first example shows how one of the ambient tracks has changed. It first plays the original version and in the middle of the clip it crossfades into updated version.

Ambient Track - Before and After

In another example you will first hear the original version of a combat track, and lastly an updated version also playing the same spot.

Combat Track - Before and After

Neither of these updated versions are final versions for the tracks, but they should give a picture how they will sound like in the game.