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March 29th, 2009

Last week, Hale, from the forums, blew us away with his epic new Overgrowth level, Foothold (available on the Secret Preorder Forum). I never expected users would be doing this much with the level editor so soon. Without further ado, here is a showcase of Hale's amazing level:

Click here to watch in HD!

I especially like the siege weaponry. I think these work quite well as set-piece models, even though they are, in fact, entirely crafted out of planks and other reusable components in the editor. This is exactly the kind of modular content creation (e.g. buildings, trees) Aubrey and I have been aiming for. :)

I'm really happy to see all the modding that has been going on in the Secret Preorder Forum lately. Thanks Hale, and everyone else, for making such cool stuff!