Overgrowth Alpha 11

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January 27th, 2009

We've got some pretty cool stuff in Overgrowth this week.

As mentioned yesterday, we now have fancy texture compression. This will let Overgrowth run on many more computers, because it will use a fraction of the VRAM it previously used. Starting up Overgrowth is also much, much faster now.


As usual, we have fixed a number of bugs, tweaked some stuff, and implemented some new features. Aubrey has created even more art.

- We have a nifty camera panel that lets you change the FOV and such with a slider
- We now support a number of different texture formats and improved our .obj support, so it is even easier to add new stuff
- The cursor gets updated to reflect the tool that will be used (for the omni tool)
- Map editor groups are colored according to a color wheel
- Hierarchical groups have been implemented
- Graphical editor feedback
- A grid is drawn to show plane of movement for some tools

P.S. we will be migrating the blog, forums, and IRC to a new server soon, so if there is some downtime, that's why!