Announcing Weekly Alphas!

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November 25th, 2008

Hey guys, we are going to be trying something new: weekly alphas! No exceptions.

Every week, we are going to release a new build to SPF. Whether it's ready or not. We feel that this open development is a great way to smooth out compatibility issues early on, get feedback to make the game as good as possible, and let fans build mods and other content before the game is even publicly available!

Sure, some of the builds are going to be rough, but that's expected in an alpha. We are going to release "blessed" builds every once in a while that are particularly polished and noteworthy, so that the hardcore fans can play the cutting edge, while everyone else can wait for blessed releases.

Oh yeah, this is starting immediately:
Overgrowth Alpha
The build has been posted in the secret preorder forum!

As always, see you guys on the forums and in IRC.