Receiver v10: Modifiers Update

Receiver v10: Modifiers Update

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March 16th, 2023


The Threat has once again invaded The Dreaming and expanded its grip on the world. To counter this, the Receivers are reaching out to you to support and give you more power and control of your Reality.

We are thrilled to announce a new update for Receiver, just in time for a sale on all of our titles and additions of new bundles. Support Wolfire in its goal to create more games and exciting content by checking them out!

This update brings some exciting changes and improvements to the game, including a new Modifier system that allows you change the gameplay in some fun ways. We’ve also fixed a set of performance issues and bugs, in particular one bug that had a major impact on Linux performance.

We’ve also added support for custom seeds, allowing you to replay the same world again, or share the seed with your friends to challenge each other.

We would love to hear suggestions for future modifiers in our Steam community or our Discord server.

New Modifiers

  • Green Demon: try to complete the game while being chased by a slower but immortal kill drone.
  • Thick Fog: Darken the world and shorten your view distance, making enemies harder to see and increasing their potential to surprise you.
  • Spawn Magazines: At long last, additional magazines will spawn in the world, allowing you to have more than the ones you initially manifest.
  • Tough Killdrones: Killdrones take more of a beating by requiring that you hit vital components, no more random chance of destruction by any hit.
  • Deadly Threat: Everything is worse. The Threat is made near impossible to overcome.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Add a “Modifiers” menu button to play custom games.
  • Reduce garbage generation in Shell Casings scripts.
  • Fixed an issue with Revolvers.
  • Made VSync turn off by default.
  • Improved the Settings menu to be nicer to use and interact with.
  • Implement FOV Slider.
  • Stop limiting the games FPS to 60.
  • Globally enable round interpolation inside of magazines.
  • Adjust player camera near-plane.
  • Implement a speedrun split timer for tape-pickup.
  • Added an advertisement for Receiver 2 in the pause menu, can be completely disabled via settings.

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