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Wolfire Discord server

Add Comment! By Lukas Orsvärn on September 28th, 2016

We've been running our own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server for many years now as a space for the Wolfire community to chat with each other and the developers. Back when it was set up there weren't really any good alternatives to IRC, so if you wanted a big chat room that could hold hundreds of people, IRC was the way to go. This changed last year with the release of Discord.

Discord feels like a modern take on IRC that is geared towards gamers. It's got a pretty interface, voice chat, friends list, phone support and more. For more information about Discord, check out the Discord website. We've set up an official Wolfire server on Discord, follow this link to join it.

Join the Wolfire Discord server

As to not split up the community on different chat platforms we will shut down the Wolfire IRC server on October 31st, 2016!