Receiver content update #1

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September 3rd, 2012

While Aubrey and I have been spending most of our time on Overgrowth, we have also found some time to keep working on Receiver . Tonight we have a pretty significant update, including a flashlight and two new guns. Here is a video demonstrating some of the new features:

Be sure to watch it in HD!

Here are the major changes in this version:

  • Added Mini Maglite flashlight
  • Added Glock 17 with auto mod
  • Added Smith & Wesson Model 10 Victory revolver
  • Added option to bring guns closer to eye
  • Added a small chance to disable robots with non-vital hits

If you have already bought Receiver or preordered Overgrowth, you can get the update from your Humble Store account, or from the Receiver thread in the forum. Otherwise, you can purchase it for $4.99, or get it for free with an Overgrowth preorder.

You can also vote for Receiver on Steam Greenlight here, and check out the source repository here.