Overgrowth a182 changelog

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June 11th, 2012

This week I focused on going through all the recent bug reports, and fixing as many as possible. I would like to get back to gameplay soon, but need to make sure that the game is working for most people!

Here are the changes for Alpha 182:

  • Fixed Windows bug with paths that contain spaces
  • Updated SIGAR for better hardware report stability and accuracy
  • Fixed some object xml case sensitivity issues
  • Removed case error messages if string length is different
  • Reports case errors for texture files
  • Texture process pool waits for tasks before quitting
  • Changed 'lugaru 2' to 'Overgrowth' in Mac menu bar
  • Closing console window uses SIGTERM instead of SIGINT for better cleanup
  • More progress on unicode paths, warning if unicode username detected
  • Some Linux installer improvements

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