Snuggle Truck Added To Humble Bundle For Android 2

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March 26th, 2012

Humble Bundle has just added Snuggle Truck as a free additional game for all purchasers of the Humble Bundle for Android #2!

Be sure to watch it in HD!

Snuggle Truck takes on the "trials" game genre, an action-puzzle hybrid genre where you pit your driving skills against tricky terrain. In Snuggle Truck, you must overcome rocks, pits, and other hazards to get your precious cargo of stuffed animals safely to the zoo. It includes a level creator and access to thousands of user-created levels, with many of the top entries taking snuggle trucking to the extreme. As a bonus, Android users can also download the uncensored original: Smuggle Truck, the same game framed as an immigration satire, which was reportedly too spicy for some game marketplaces.

If you've already nabbed the Humble Bundle for Android #2, head to your download page to download your new game! If not, this pay-what-you-want bundle sale will only be live for another week, so check out the site and get your bundle today!