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Overgrowth in PC Gamer UK

Add Comment! By David Rosen on November 4th, 2011

PC Gamer UK recently published their December '11 magazine, which includes an Overgrowth preview! To prove it, here's a preview of their preview:

The article is not available online yet, but if you like you could order the print magazine here, or get a digital copy through ITunes or Zinio.

While print magazines don't have as many readers as online news sites, it's exciting to see Overgrowth in a magazine like the ones we grew up reading; it has a feeling of weight and legitimacy. It's also fun to see the design choices for the article, like how Turner's ear is overlapping the 'preview' label, and how a catchy quote is repeated in giant bold letters.

Did any of you read the article? What did you think of it?