Overgrowth volunteer orchestra update

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September 18th, 2011

This is a guest post by Mikko Tarmia, composer of the Overgrowth soundtrack.

The hunt is still on!

The Overgrowth volunteer orchestra project has been on a break for a while, but now we're ready to continue from where we left off. For those who don't know, the Overgrowth volunteer orchestra is recording an 8-minute arrangement of music based on the Overgrowth main theme, to be used as promotional material for the game. We're still looking for players, both existing ones as well as new recruits, to cover the parts that we still need in order to finish the arrangement.

See this list for missing stems we still need.

Here are two snippets of our work so far, from different parts of the arrangement. In each part, you will first hear the sample version which then turns to song played by volunteer orchestra. The last snippet still lacks some instruments.

Overgrowth Volunteer Orchestra Teaser by Wolfire

If you already haven't joined the orchestra, you can do it now by sending an email to overgrowthorchestra@gmail.com. Our only requirements are that you can play your instrument and you can record it.