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Imminent Beard Destruction

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on November 17th, 2010

Hey everyone, it is almost time to shave the beard, as pledged in John's beard drive. Since we easily beat the 5,000 subscriber mark, John and I will be attempting to live-stream the event!

The straight-razor shave is scheduled for Wednesday, 3:30 PM PST, so be sure to tune in then. Don't worry if you miss it though -- we will put it on our YouTube channel as well. You can view it live on our justin.tv channel, or attempt to view it in the embedded widget below. Once we begin streaming, a play button should show up that you can press to join the stream.

Watch live video from Wolfire Games on Justin.tv

PS if you want a sneak peek at what John looked like before he had a beard click here (WARNING SPOILER).