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Wolfire's PAX Panel

Add Comment! By John Graham on September 1st, 2010

The gargantuan gathering of gamers known as PAX is just a few days away and those who have skimmed over the panel schedule may have noticed that Jeff and I will be giving a talk about the Humble Indie Bundle. This will be your big chance to catch the inside scoop about the inspiration and perspiration which led to one of the craziest and most successful promotions in the independent gaming space. The talk is slated for 3pm this Saturday at the Unicorn Theatre and we hope to see you there.

Wolfire will be at PAX

We've never been to PAX before so we're really excited. Are there any PAX veterans who can recommend things we should do while we're there? If you happen to see a guy wandering around with a braided beard and a Wolfire T-shirt, don't be afraid to say hello.