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June 23rd, 2010

As I mentioned earlier, I spent the past week with Anton in LA attending E3 and hanging out with other indie developers. Unfortunately, with all the commotion that was going on you might have noticed that I neglected some of my Wolfire Live Chat duties. However, it's been long enough (especially considering all the visitors from the Humble Indie Bundle) that another decent wave of crazy Meebo conversations has accumulated. As usual I have weeded out all the productive customer service conversations and humbly submit to you another smattering of subversive silliness.

Populus: It seems the popularity of your Meebo posts is declining.
Populus: This is not good.
Populus: It seems you will need more comedians arriving to give the fans a hell of a time with brilliant humor and/or ridicolous comments about your beard.
Populus: Over the next few days, multiple meeboguests of particular talent will arrive, and be humurous until you crack.
Populus: Be prepared.
Populus: Over and out.
Populus: You have had your only warning.
meeboguest527291: Q: If you have a line of 100 rabbits in a row and 99 of them take 1 step backwards, what do you have?
meeboguest527291: A: A receding hare line!
Alfie275: Hi
wolfirejohn: hey there
Alfie275: What is the story of Overgrowth?
Alfie275: I mean, he already got revenge
wolfirejohn: ...or did he...
Alfie275: yes, he killed the wolves
Alfie275: and the guy
Alfie275: Is he just insane now?
John: Hello. My name is also John. I am here to inquire about the current contact information for the whale man.
John: He stepped on my motorcycle and I would like to be compensated.
Mike: I've got a problem. Can you help me with it?
wolfirejohn: what can I do for you?
Mike: Well, I built a highly advanced quantum computer system into my rolls, but whenever I try to run lugaru while driving it says "Park first.". Any ideas?
wolfirejohn: haha
wolfirejohn: I would recommend not playing Lugaru while driving
Mike: What? Why not?
Mike: If I can talk to you while driving, I can play lugaru whlie driving.
wolfirejohn: yeah it's hard to be self taught
meeboguest98234: lua was easy to learn
meeboguest98234: i can make guns in garry's mod that shoot babies
meeboguest98234: that shoot lasers
meeboguest98234: i wonder which other random strangers i can have personal chats with
Batman: John. Make Overgrowth have bats.
Batman: They are mammals and therefore anthropomorphs in the Lugaru-Overgrowth universe.
Batman: Plus they can be pretty sexy at times.
Robbo: Since we are allowed to kick people in IRC I only see it as fair to be able to kick you from meebo and take over.
meeboguest3402: haikus are easy
meeboguest3402: but sometimesthey dont make sense
meeboguest3402: refridgerator
Domo Kun: HEY JOHN!!!! I have drawn some concept art of whaleman that could change EVERYTHING. http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/3262/whaleman.png
Temujin: i will kill you when you are on sleep
0FfIC1@L c0RPOR@tE d00d: H4lL0 +hER MR.wOlPh1rE, MY nAM3 i$ MR.doODLULz 4Nd 1 H4vE 4 Kw1t3 pREc1p1toU$ 0fPHer fOR J00
meeboguest375663: Hey, even if you aren't online, do you still receive these messages?
meeboguest375663: Or am I just wasting my time?
meeboguest564368: WHY THE F*CK DID YOU GO OFFLINE?
meeboguest564368: I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW
meeboguest564368: :C
meeboguest564368: whatever
The Reaper: I'm afraid of vacuum cleaners...
The Reaper: But that's okay, because I have several pairs of socks.
The Reaper: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go steal the lives of millions of innocent souls.
Wolfire Fan: how many people have you attacked with that claymore?
wolfirejohn: just one
wolfirejohn: but he deserved it
meeboguest75811: how long is it?
wolfirejohn: it's about 2 inches now
meeboguest75811: thats pretty sizeable
meeboguest75811: you are officially inducted into the BCB
meeboguest75811: the Bearded Coalition of Beards
meeboguest75811: ps everything i just said
meeboguest75811: was true
Schutzenegger: Seeing the Meebo post today reminded me that I had something I wanted to share with you all
Schutzenegger: http://manningworldnews.com/archives/000575.php Schutzenegger: Let's just hope that the whaleman never has any GI problems!!!
dethfalcin: omg. you are beautiful
dethfalcin: the new alpha is orgasmatastic
dethfalcin: just thought you should know
dethfalcin: that underneath your beard
dethfalcin: lies chuck norris's lost 5th fist
ʇsǝnboqǝǝɯ: ǝɹǝɥʇ oןןǝɥ
ʇsǝnboqǝǝɯ: (= sɯǝǝs ʇı ɹǝpun uʍop puɐן ǝɥʇ uı uǝʌǝ 'ɥʇʍoɹbɹǝʌo buıʇoɯoɹd
wolfirejohn: thanks
wolfirejohn: how are things down under?
A broke guy: Hey, im broke and living out on the streets with nothing to eat but old garbage. Can I have overgrowth for free?
wolfirejohn: hey there, sorry to hear that, how do you have a computer then?
A broke guy: ...... God dangit
A broke guy: My plan was so perfect
meeboguest531187: I think with this new 'staggered' blog post Idea, we should get weekly updates on your beard.
meeboguest531187: We all know that's what most of us come here for anyways
meeboguest796732: Hi John, I was trying to sell a video game idea since 20 years ago... it is a car which transform in a boat but you need to see the way how it transforms. For a racing would be perfect.
Mike: So, what did the authorities say when they found out I'm already in Paraguay?
Mike: When you called them?
Mike: Hello?
Mike: Also, I have a question about overgrowth.
Badger Py: Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger
Badger Py: Mushroom Mushroom
Badger Py: EPIC WIN
meeboguest652042: Now that the new meebo post is online, i'd like to ask if you could post this one-liner next time:
meeboguest652042: Michaela, will you marry me?
meeboguest816514: you dickhole
wolfirejohn: hey there
meeboguest816514: mother f*cker
wolfirejohn: what can I do for you?
meeboguest816514: you can suck my d*ck b*tch
wolfirejohn: well let me know if you have any questions about Overgrowth
Sentenial: Whaleman Sonnet!
Sentenial: Mighty King of the sea, Proud ruler of the land
Sentenial: He walks among us, proud and tall.
Sentenial: He crushes all those who stand
Sentenial: Haplessly in way of his fall
Sentenial: Lookout! voice the bystander, and
Sentenial: The whale did trip, over a rather small wall
Sentenial: with a crash oh so grand.
Sentenial: On those dead the whale would sprawl
Sentenial: And give out a cry of grief so loud
Sentenial: He doesn't mean it, you know
Sentenial: The whale just has trouble walking
Sentenial: Apoligizing, the whale avowed
Sentenial: To never do it again, he would then undergo
Sentenial: To kill four more, while he was talking.
Your computerized consience: hello, this is Your computerized consience.
wolfirejohn: oh yeah? prove it
Your Brother: I am also Your Brother
wolfirejohn: who says I'm not already a computerized conscience
Your computerized consience: I dont!
Your computerized consience: but your brother does
Your Brother: I do say that
meeboguest136347: So your beard isn't pink anymore
meeboguest136347: Can I get a refund on my preorder please?
meeboguest136347: kkthxbye
wolfirejohn: haha
wolfirejohn: if you really insist we can help you out
wolfirejohn: but we definitely appreciate the support
meeboguest136347: That'd be great
meeboguest136347: I think green would look really good on you
wolfirejohn: hehe
meeboguest136347: So that's settled then?
wolfirejohn: well if you get me your order info we can figure it out
him: what website do you use to look at women who have strangley forgotten to put their clothes on. I use: www.womenwhohavestrangleyforgottentoputtheirclotheson.com
meeboguest323407: Do you think you waste too much time answering questions like this instead of making Overgrowth?
meeboguest323407: you made the right choice
meeboguest323407: g'day sir

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