Don't you... forget about Meebo

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April 23rd, 2010

With each successive Meebo post, I imagine people might get more and more skeptical over whether anything useful transpires on the Wolfire live chat. I assure you that productive things do happen but filling a post with such chats would probably scare half of our subscribers away. Since people seem to have enjoyed the previous Meebo posts, I humbly submit to you another wave of live chat chaos.

meeboguest945357: hey jon
meeboguest945357: i think overgrwoht is a pretty cool guy. eh kills wolfs and doesn't afraid of anything
meeboguest19834: hello
meeboguest19834: is allright if i can inview you on what it like to be a game designer?
meeboguest19834: if your not working on any right now.
meeboguest83457: noooooooooooo
meeboguest83457: DAMMIT
meeboguest83457: poke'mon needs to die
meeboguest83457: why cant i look away
meeboguest83457: so help me god, if the lugaru universe ever devolves into anything siliar to pokemon
meeboguest83457: i will hunt you down and dye your hair purple, all of the hair, not just the hair on your head.
meeboguest263432: I was staring at this... for like... three minutes trying to think of something witty to say.
wolfirejohn: and...
wolfirejohn: and!
wolfirejohn: AND...
meeboguest263432: I got nothing.
meeboguest263432: My brain is officially fried.
wolfirejohn: well I'll be here all week :)
Sploder: do you remember me? :p
wolfirejohn: I recognize the name, but how would I know if it's the same sploder as last time?
Sploder: Well I know for a fact that this isnt some sort of spy that killed Sploder and took his form.
wolfirejohn: that's just what the spy would say :/
meeboguest5024: If I buy something from best buy and and then return it and then go buy it again do you think I will get the open box discount?
meeboguest43983: i found this picture today of a whale
meeboguest43983: people said that he was really weird - he even has a right arm
meeboguest43983: no one wants to write about it in the news because he's gone
meeboguest43983: i think he was going to visit wolfire
meeboguest0219384: hello?
meeboguest0219384: I will kill you in your sleep.
wolfirejohn: thanks for your feedback
wolfirejohn: watch out, I have a claymore :)
Chicken: PH3AR ME
(this visitor politely censored his own text)
meeboguest28934: hi
meeboguest28934: i said hi
meeboguest28934: F**KING HI YOU A**HOLE!!!!!!
wolfirejohn: hey there
wolfirejohn: thanks for your feedback :)
Evergrowth: What is the opposite of Overgrowth?
wolfirejohn: hehe let me think
wolfirejohn: extinction?
Evergrowth: Correct. You have passed.
Evergrowth: -but I will return.
Evergrowth: Mark my words..
meeboguest0385: John do you want me to prove that im physic
wolfirejohn: nice try
wolfirejohn: you won't get onto a meebo post that way
meebokid77: A rabbit who could kill very well
meebokid77: was betrayed and decided to rebel
meebokid77: with the utmost of bravery
meebokid77: he spared fellow rabbits from slavery
meebokid77: but now his soul may be in hell

In the old days I used to get cussed at a lot, now people are starting to write poetry! Remember if you stop by the live chat and I'm offline or don't respond right away, you can leave your email address and I should be able to follow up with you. If not feel free to email me or contact me on an IM program.