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The Indies Are In Town

Add Comment! By John Graham on March 8th, 2010

GDC 2010 is just around the corner and the indies have been arriving in full force. We decided to unite the clans for a vigorous round of indie disc golf at Golden Gate park. The weather was perfect; not a cloud in the sky and no one was maimed or injured by flying discs, although there were many close calls. No one was keeping score, but I think it's safe to say Andy Schatz put us to shame.

alt text
This was the biggest posse at the Disc Golf Course. The indies were rolling deep today.
alt text
Disc golf works up quite an appetite so we decided to follow up with some Mexican food. From left to right that's: Me, Jeff, Shawn White, Andy Schatz, Peter Jones, Dan Tabar

It should be a pretty exciting week. I've been putting the finishing touches on the slides for my upcoming presentation and should have more to report soon.

P.S. If any Bay Area blog readers would like to meet up with us this week, feel free to let us know!