Scripting and Custom Animations

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February 4th, 2010

David has been working on an AngelScript scripting layer which will contain much of Overgrowth's gameplay code. What recently killed Rabbot is the fact that scripting can now call on animations created from the animation editor. The rigged rabbit guard model, who we've been able to ragdoll and throw around, is now a scripted and animated character.

Silverfish recently made a great video about just how easy it is to modify the scripting layer and insert a custom animation into the engine. Be sure to watch his technique in HD!

Silverfish's awesome Overgrowth custom animation tutorial.

Thanks Silverfish, for the awesome video. This is perhaps more powerful than any movie I could have created; because it's one thing for us to be able to use our own tools, but when members of the community can dive in and figure things out on their own, we feel as though we have succeeded in making friendly modding features.

We still have a lot more work to do but things are really starting to come together. Scripting is literally the glue we needed to tie all our technologies together to craft the game itself. Needless to say, the beard is in serious danger.