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Oh no, more Meebo!

Add Comment! By John Graham on February 6th, 2010

Our live chat widget proved its worth again during the preorder pack promotion. At times I seemed like I was giving support to ten people at once. In other practical live chat news, we had a visitor from NBC who wanted us to sign a release to allow Black Shades to become a featured prop for an episode of Mercy. We were able to respond right away and the game came very close to getting airtime, but got replaced at the last minute by a Nintendo Wii. In short, a lot of good can come from maintaining a live chat but since productive conversations are boring, I humbly submit to you, another smattering of silliness.

The Beard Apprentice : AHHH YOU DYED IT PINK?!?!?
The Beard Apprentice : NOW I HAVE TO DO THAT!
The Beard Apprentice : Ahhhh d*mn...
wolfirejohn: be careful my son
The Beard Apprentice : Such is the burden of an apprentice
meeboguest3142 : Id love to see some more Brutal moves
wolfirejohn: I think most of the characters in Overgrowth will be friends
wolfirejohn: and use words to solve their problems
meeboguest3142 : wait what?
wolfirejohn: jk :)
meeboguest3142 : ok good XDDD
John : Greetings!
wolfirejohn: hey there
John : I'm gay.
wolfirejohn: cool, well let me know if you have any questions about Overgrowth
John : John, lets do it.
wolfirejohn: if by do it you mean click the like buttons on our facebook page, that is a good idea
Confussed Guy : I have a problem with preordering the Organic pack
meeboguest5173 : Hello! I am again with you)
wolfirejohn: hey there
meeboguest5173 : Remember me? I am gay from Russia
meeboguest8608 : IM A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD KID
meeboguest8608 : HIRE ME PLEASE!
meeboguest6243 : would you mind photoshoping your beard out of all future pics?
meeboguest6243 : or at least apply a greyscale filter
meeboguest6243 : i realy cant take you seriously.. and it kinda hurts my eyes
meeboguest47375 : hi
meeboguest47375 : i beated lugaru and i loved it
meeboguest47375 : i'm gonna celebrate this epic game with a subway
meeboguest269449 : Will there be piranha in OG?
wolfirejohn: haha
wolfirejohn: perhaps piranha men?
meeboguest269449 : That could be throughly annoying
meeboguest269449 : They're not that big when compaed to rabbits
meeboguest269449 : You'd just spend the whole game standing on them
meeboguest4689 : Next time you have a Overgrowth preorder sale if you so choose, the goal of the sales should be set that if met, a video of dancing should be created.
meeboguest4689 : Where you have to wear this.

wolfirejohn: people would probably preorder to keep that from happening

meeboguest6895 : i got a question
wolfirejohn: fire when ready
meeboguest6895 : Are you a bot or a human?
wolfirejohn: yes

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