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Anton's Live Performance of the OG Theme

Add Comment! By John Graham on January 23rd, 2010

Despite Anton Riehl's hectic music production schedule, he was kind enough to make time to meet up with us and brought the flute he used for the Overgrowth main theme along with him. We had no choice but to demand that he give us a live performance. Fortunately, a camera was nearby, and we can share the experience with you as well. Be sure to check it out in HD.

Anton Riehl graces us with a live performance of Mikko Tarmia's OG main theme.

It all happened spontaneously but I thought the lighting, graffitied background and salty sea breeze combined with Anton's rugged self, matched the warrior spirit of Mikko Tarmia's composition quite well (even if his beard isn't pink).