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Overgrowth Main Theme Remix!?

Add Comment! By John Graham on October 28th, 2009

Hey guys. A couple people were wondering where they could hear the full version of the Overgrowth Main Theme Remix that appeared in parts of the our new animation video. So I uploaded the full version to our YouTube channel.

I made this piece by sampling the exquisite Overgrowth Main Theme (composed by Mikko Tarmia and featuring a live flute performance by Anton Riehl) and layering on some background chords and drum beats with the sequencing program Acid DJ 2.0.

The hardest part of trying to do a remix, is syncing the original song with your sequence framework. A standard tactic, is to isolate loop-able segments of the original song so that they can be auto stretched to mesh with your sequence's beats per minute (this is much easier than trying to guess the BPM of the original song and getting your sequence to match it unaltered). In the Overgrowth Main Theme, the regularly occurring drumbeats mark these potential loop locations perfectly so getting everything to mesh together wasn't too difficult.

I have shown the remix to a couple of people already and the main criticism I get is that it's too busy for how short it is. What do you guys think?