Overgrowth fan art spotlight - Resin

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October 1st, 2009

Continuing our series of Overgrowth-inspired art, I would like to share some stylized character portraits that Andrew (aka Resin) posted on page 1 of the fan art thread. We had a chance to ask Andrew about his creative process and here's what he said:

"Regarding the process. I worked in pencil first, which I then inked with pen and then followed up with watercolors or an ink wash. I used to be more into photoshop but had a difficult time doing pictures start to finish there without having them look extremely amateur. In the first picture I looked at some pictures by Audubon to help me on the bird's wings."

Resin picture

"In the second picture I looked at Drawing Wildlife by J.C. Amberlyn for the faces and The Bonsai Art of Kimura for the tree roots. I'm never too proud to use reference pictures."

Resin picture

Thanks Andrew, we really appreciate the art! To discover more of Andrew's pieces (including intricately painted shoes), be sure to check out his blog. It's both exciting and useful for us to see different interpretations of the look and feel that could be captured by Overgrowth so keep it up guys!