Lugaru is 75% off on the Mac Game Store

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October 30th, 2009

In order to spread more Halloween cheer, we're also running a 75% off promotion for Lugaru with the Mac Game Store. Now Mac users can also grab Lugaru (normally $19.95) for just $4.95.

Lugaru Sale

Again this offer will only last until 11/4/09 so if you're of the Mac persuasion and hoping to score Lugaru on the cheap, now is the time. MGS has the regular version of Lugaru but you can easily add Tim's Lugaru HD pack to it yourself. Also, I want to remind people about Matto's awesome Lugaru mod browser which offers an elegant solution to managing the amazing 3rd party campaigns. Thanks for your support guys and I hope you have a fun but safe Halloween tomorrow.

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