Overgrowth Soundtrack: Ambient 1

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September 24th, 2009

More Overgrowth music has arrived on our YouTube channel. The songs are composed by the talented Mikko Tarmia and often feature Anton Riehl on the flute.

Today it is my pleasure to release to you, Ambient 1. People laugh when I say this, but be sure to listen to it in HD because I think the sound quality is slightly better.

This is the first song in the series which sounds genuinely happy; like strolling through green fields on a clear, sunny day. For Turner this might accent a flashback to better times or it could emphasize a moment of calm between outbursts of savage combat. It also seems like a nice score for one of the first levels of the game when the player will want some room to play with the controls without the imminent danger of being hunted.

So far we've just been referring to the songs with generic titles but can you think of a good name for this theme or any of the others?