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Subgroup Selection

Add Comment! By Phillip Isola on May 2nd, 2009

In the Overgrowth editor, groups usually behave as encapsulated units. However, it's often useful to select and tweak the individual elements of a group. For example, you might want to copy an individual object in a group. The group browser provides one way to do this. But it can be disruptive to rely on an abstracted browser window for something as simple as selection. So, I've also added another way to handle subgroup selection.

With this alternate method, you use the mouse wheel to navigate selections in a group hierarchy. For each group that is selected, scrolling the mouse wheel in selects the subgroup over which the mouse is hovering. If the mouse is not hovering over any subgroup, all subgroups one level down in the hierarchy are selected. Scrolling out has the opposite effect: the selected subgroup's parent is selected.

Here's a video of this in action. As usual, HD is available!

What do you guys think of this selection scheme?