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May 14th, 2009

Hey guys. As many of you know I operate the live chat widget on our contact page to help answer people's questions about Overgrowth. While live chat generally seems to be a productive resource for many people, silly conversations do sometimes happen. Enough time has passed since my last silly meebo post that I thought it was time to share another wave of conversations with you:

john: hi
wolfirejohn: hey
wolfirejohn: I like your name
john: me too
john: F**k you guys
wolfirejohn: :)
meeboguest634830: i normally dont beg infact i hate the beg if you could send me a key code i would really apreciate it i have to help my family so i cant spend money theres 14 people in our house 10 dogs and 3 cats if i could buy it i would but i dont have the money if you send the key code to me i swear on my unborn childs life ill pay you when i can spare money
Blacbeard: Hello?
wolfirejohn: hey there
wolfirejohn: what can I do for you?
Blacbeard: lol, well my friend and I had a bet whether you would actually respond
wolfirejohn: who won?
wolfirejohn: and what did the winner win?
Blacbeard: He won a dinner
wolfirejohn: wow
wolfirejohn: a fancy dinner?
Blacbeard: pizza hut
Blacbeard: one of the few places on campus
wolfirejohn: hehe, cool
Blacbeard: so thanks for that...
meebme951578: what up, bearded one?
meebme951578: Bearded one?
meebme951578: Fine, dont answer
meebme951578: me
meebme951578: ...
Stuzer: well, thats life
Stuzer: wait give me a sec i think something exploded in the kitchen BRB
Stuzer: False alarm toaster just sent another slice of bread through the ceiling
Stuzer: joking just the oven dinging
wolfirejohn: sounds like a close call
(after I suggested he message me on an IM program)
meeboguest895925: Ah, but the anonymity! So much power!
meeboguest895925: What if all this time, it's all been one person messaging you?
wolfirejohn: no one can type that fast :)
meeboguest680932: Hey John
wolfirejohn: hey
wolfirejohn: what can I do for you?
meeboguest680932: I wondered if you have any tips to grow such a cool beard
wolfirejohn: well the trick is to be proficient at wielding a battle axe
wolfirejohn: that and not shaving
meeboguest680932: Awesome I'll start practicing then
wolfirejohn: you have to channel your inner war dwarf
wolfirejohn: bagpipes might help too
(after browsing the Wolfire Cafepress Store)
Mighty183: no one is going to buy a yard sign lol
wolfirejohn: hehe
wolfirejohn: I got the banner
Mighty183: Ill get her the thong
Mighty183: but I doubt she'll be my best friend after that
wolfirejohn: haha

Please don't be sad or homicidal if I'm busy when you try to chat with me. As long as you leave me your questions and an email address where you can be reached I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Remember I'm only human (though some of you have accused me of being a robot).