Receiver 2 One Year Anniversary

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April 15th, 2021

Happy Birthday to Receiver 2!

We can hardly believe it's been an entire year since we launched Receiver 2, but as of today R2 is officially a full year old. We wanted to take a moment to say thanks to our incredible community for all the love and support we've received (heh) since the game launched. Because of you the game current sits proudly on Steam with "very positive" reviews, we're practically drowning in awesome fan art and hilarious memes, and we even won an award!

So, from all of us here at Wolfire, thank for your overwhelming support. Here's to another year of Receiver 2!

Anniversary Sale

But that's not all, to celebrate the anniversary Receiver 2 is on sale until the 21st of April so if you haven't picked it up yet, now's your chance to snag it at a lower price than normal!

But THAT'S not all, you can also get free US shipping on ANY order in the Wolfire Merchandise Store until the 21st by using code R2BIRTHDAY at checkout, this includes the Receiver 2 Compound posters we launched recently!