The Broadside Express coding timelapse

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February 23rd, 2012

Last weekend we participated in the Humble Bundle Mojam, in which we raised money for charity by live-streaming the development of a 60-hour game prototype, along with Oxeye and Mojang. For those of you who missed the live streams, I made a timelapse video of my activity during the jam. I was still worn out from coding all day, so I used a robot voice instead of narrating with a microphone.

Be sure to watch it in HD!

It was fun and invigorating to code in front of an audience of a thousand people -- there's no better cure for the impulse to procrastinate! It was also gratifying to participate in an event that raised almost half a million dollars for charity. We didn't quite manage to converge our game design with our execution, but we came much closer than we did last time (check out our write-up of Ludum Dare 22 here). Even though we didn't complete all the trappings of a complete game, like instructions, high scores, and varied levels, I think we actually ended up with an interesting prototype that demonstrated some novel mechanics.

We can't continue The Broadside Express ourselves, because we have to work on Overgrowth, but Korban3 and other members of the Wolfire forums are working on extending the project.

What did you think of the Mojam event? Is there anything you would change about it?