Your Humble Bundle just doubled

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December 22nd, 2010

Christmas is approaching and the crazy sales are starting. How can a humble bundle stay relevant?

Well, I heard you guys liked bundles so I decided to put a bundle in your bundle.

All six Humble Indie Bundle #1 games are now included on your download page.


Bundle In A Bundle

Here are the details:

For all ~180,000 customers, this is complimentary. If you like stuff like this, please consider adding more on your download page to help bump up the average and support the developers who made this possible.

For new customers, we're trying an experiment: to unlock the Humble Bundle #1 inside of your bundle, just choose a price that is above average (currently $7.33 and dropping).

Remember that for non-gifts, you can add to your order over time, so you can start with the Humble Bundle #2, and upgrade it later on if you would like. Here are the full details.

Visit the Humble Indie Bundle #2 site!