Activate the Humble Indie Bundle on Steam

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December 9th, 2010

About 6 months ago we tried out a modest promotion called the Humble Indie Bundle. Thanks to everyone's support, we raised nearly 1.3 million dollars for independent video games and charity. There were about 140,000 bundles purchased. While customers can always download the games directly on the Humble Bundle page, the most frequently asked question was "Can I activate my bundle of games on Steam?".

Activate on Steam

Well, we've been diligently talking to Valve about this, and as of today, we are happy to announce that YES, your Humble Indie Bundle can be activated on Steam! Just go to your Humble Bundle page (click here if you forgot your key) and you should see your unique Steam key listed at the top.

Once you have retrieved your Humble Bundle Steam key, you should be able to follow these steps to activate your games on Steam.

On Mac OS X, it's really easy. Just launch Steam and choose "Activate a Product on Steam" from the menu.

Activate on Steam
Screenshot of the first steps for activating your games on steam.

On Windows, this menu bar will be in the game client window itself. For Linux customers, unfortunately Steam has not announced a Linux client yet.

Just to clarify -- this only applies to customers of the original Humble Indie Bundle which is now closed. However, if you are sad that you missed it, there's something weird happening over here. Hmm, just in time for the holidays...