Initial Movement Features

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April 10th, 2010

There has been a flurry of new movement features added to the Overgrowth alphas recently so I decided it was time to make another video to show them in action. Many were mentioned in the alpha blog posts but in case you forgot, we've added: surface-based footstep noises, inverse kinematics to make sure Robbert's feet are actually placed on the ground, crouching, running (slow uphill, fast downhill), an improved jumping and falling animation system and just today David added the ability to do flips. I hope you enjoy the video below. Remember to watch it in HD.

Check out the upgraded movement system!

A hilarious compliment to all the new moves is the spontaneous ragdoll button which I used very liberally in this video. Thanks to David's careful coding and Bullet's fast physics calculations, no matter what animation or blend of animations Robbert is in the middle of, he can seamlessly transition to a ragdoll state and correctly collide with environment objects.