Introducing "Matt"

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March 13th, 2010

Last week, the Mac build of the Overgrowth alphas got a tremendous speed increase. I alluded to the fact that some of these changes were contributed by someone who may or may not go by "Matt" and promised I would introduce him later.

alt text

Every once in a while, we are approached by people who would like to help us out. We are always flattered and can definitely use all the help we can get, however, more often than not, the would-be helpers are either not really motivated (especially when they learn that our SVN is approaching 7 gigabytes) or they are relatively amateur -- which is fine, but it would take a lot of our resources to teach them enough to make them a productive contributor, taking time away from Overgrowth's development.

However, "Matt" is a rendering wizard, who really knows what he is doing. He will be taking some of the simpler graphics work off of David's plate, which should speed the game to a faster release. Look for his contributions in the weekly alpha release notes.

Who exactly is he? It is a mystery! Although we have double-checked that it is legitimate for "Matt" to help us out, we don't want to push our luck and get anyone into any trouble. He works at a prominent AAA development studio and while they do not compete with us, situations like these can sometimes be a little touchy. Someday we may reveal the glory that is "Matt", but that day must wait for the right time.