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Enough about you, let's talk about Meebo

Add Comment! By John Graham on March 18th, 2010

I was temporarily separated from my Wolfire live chat duties this past week while I was at GDC. However, the visitors continue to stream in. If you've seen all the silly Meebo posts, you might be skeptical of the fact that useful stuff does indeed happen on live chat. However, since productivity is another way of saying boring here's another onslaught of Meebo madness.

meeboguest9875643: Well John, have you thought about what I said?
wolfirejohn: hey there
wolfirejohn: hard for me to keep track of people on meebo
wolfirejohn: what did you say again?
meeboguest9875643: I just messing with you, I did the same thing last time
meeboguest356211: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN
meeboguest356211: I MADE YOU THIS CAPS LOCK
meeboguest356211: I HOPE YOU LIKE IT
David: I'm trying to figure out how to get my name to not be david anymore, so I can hide in the anonymity of meeboguest728991
David: And that's the goal for today.
wolfirejohn: haha
meeboguest728991: Done and done.
meeboguest728991: Catch me if you can coppers!
wolfirejohn: who said that!?
meeboguest760559: Hello.
wolfirejohn: hey there
meeboguest760559: Would you engage in sexual relations with Penelope Cruz?
wolfirejohn: I try not to talk about sex politics and religion on the live chat
wolfirejohn: (but yes)
meeboguest760559: sweet
meeboguest760559: im buiying two copies of the game now
TheGameHippo.com: When Wolfire has released Overgrowth, can I have your kilt?
TheGameHippo.com: My wife and I have been trying for a baby, but to no avail. Perhaps your kilt will satisfy Artemis, Goddess of Fertility, and bless us with a beautiful bearded boy.
meeboguest382947: Be safe, be well, eat fruit, don't die. And remeber: That's not the dog licking your feet while you sleep.
wolfirejohn: I may stay awake tonight
meeboguest582217: could you explain the premise of overgrowth using pimps and hos?
wolfirejohn: hehe, gender will not be a major factor in Overgrowth
meeboguest582217: oh I understand completely, but It just helps me understand better if you could explain it with pimps and hos
meeboguest640840 : Yo dawg, we need something like Mount and Blade, but with rabbits.
meeboguest640840 : Only you can do this!
meeboguest640840 : The future is in your hands.
wolfirejohn: we're on it
meeboguest640840 : :hi5:
meeboguest939189: John
meeboguest939189: I want your babies
meeboguest939189: to eat
meeboguest939189: :v
Fitness Trainer: According to your video, if I need you to go work out, I just do this:
Fitness Trainer: GO F*CK YOURSELF
Fitness Trainer: Every 15 minutes, and soon, you will be in shape
meeboguest9875643: if ur a robot i'm going to rip the monkey out of you
wolfirejohn: if I'm a robot
wolfirejohn: would I have a monkey in me?
meeboguest9875643: isn't that how robots work?
wolfirejohn: system error
meeboguest9875643: sh*t
meeboguest09347: Righto, you're offline. I'll be outside in the car watching your every move.
meeboguest09347: No, don't look! That might make me angry!
Monty Pythonicus: *ahem*
Monty Pythonicus: /exit
next meebo post must all be me: k so how do i get on a meebo post?
wolfirejohn: if you have to ask, you probably won't make it
next meebo post must all be me: dam it

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