Wolfire Speaking at the Main GDC in San Francisco

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January 3rd, 2010

In September, we were asked to speak at GDC Austin about our policy of open development. It appears that our presentation was well-received because we've been asked to speak again at the main GDC (Game Developer Conference) in San Francisco!

San Francisco is our home base so it's convenient to be presenting here. Hopefully I can sneak in our HD video camera and get a recording set up for our YouTube channel. Also, it would be cool to meet up with other people flying into the city and show them the sights -- especially the awesome San Francisco disc golf course (we've been practicing).

Wolfire Speaking at GDC San Francisco
GDC San Francisco

This is quite an honor, and while I'll probably touch on many of the same points that were covered in my previous lecture, enough time has passed that there will be some new information as well.

It's still surprising to us that some indies are unwilling to give open development a try. The internet is such a noisy and crowded place that if you don't promote yourself early and often, you'll likely get lost in the crowd. My hope is that I can inspire other indie developers to strive for the attention they deserve.

The conference will be March 9th-13th and you should definitely let us know if you're going to be in the area. I haven't been assigned an official time slot yet but it should be up soon at our official listing here.

Do you have any ideas for additional topics that didn't get covered in the Austin presentation? The Austin PowerPoint slides are available here.