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Visiting Anton at Skywalker Ranch

Add Comment! By John Graham on January 21st, 2010

Anton Riehl, who has provided us with the amazing live flute performances for Mikko Tarmia's Overgrowth Soundtrack, invited us to visit him at the Skywalker Ranch yesterday. For those that don't know, Skywalker Ranch is George Lucas' giant private resort/workshop.

From left to right: Anton, Aubrey, John, Pink Beard

I think there is an implicit NDA that you sign just by breathing the ranch's beautiful fresh air. However, we're allowed to say that we got a behind the scenes look at the music production for The Old Republic which Anton is currently working on. We can also say that all the tracks we heard sounded absolutely fantastic.

From the fire marshall at the front gate with his X-Wing fire fighter shoulder patch, to the composers, musicians and engineers in the Tech Building, everyone Aubrey and I ran into was extremely professional and talented. As a result most of the conversations we overheard about music sounded more like Huttese to us than English. Unfortunately, my not-so-professional pink beard also visited Skywalker Ranch. Though it will eventually start to fade, you can see in the photo of us that it was as bright as ever.

Thanks again Anton, that was a very cool look at what professional media production is like outside of our indie bubble.