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January 16th, 2010

First of all, I'd like to announce that John is going to address the beard dyeing situation tomorrow. We've gotten a ton of emails and messages about this, but don't worry -- we're on it.

We recently finished our OG + NS2 preorder bundle promotion and I'd like to take some time to thank some of the indie gaming news sites for mentioning us. I was worried that our pack might get snubbed, but no, almost everyone mentioned it! If you don't have a favorite news site yet, please check the following out -- these guys really helped us out in a huge way. I've written a description for each one and an RSS link you can click to subscribe to their feed if it suits your fancy!

  • [rss] TIGSource
    TIGSource is an absolutely awesome source for pretty much everything in the independent game scene. A great site even if Derek Yu does like to poke fun at John a lot. Sadly, the carpet will not match the drapes.

  • [rss] Indie Games Blog
    Another amazing indie blog, but you can expect Tim W to keep things more mature.

  • [rss] Rock Paper Shotgun
    These guys have a great, wry sense of humor but there was nothing silly about the pack so they gave us a shout out.

  • [rss] Shack News
    I can't say I am too familiar with Shack News, but it looks like a pretty comprehensive and popular gaming site.

  • [rss] Destructoid
    Anthony Burch is an awesome dude and is not afraid to call 'em as he sees 'em in his Rev Rants

  • [rss] AusGamers
    It was definitely noice of these guys to stir up a little thunder down under for us.

  • GameTrailers
    The guys at GameTrailers have always been good to us, posting virtually every decent video we can come up with. By posting our pack video, they got us 15,000 extra views.

If I missed one, please post it in the comments below!

We have a lot of really good data on the promotion and will be writing a more formal article about it soon!