New ModDB Overgrowth Alpha Trailer

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January 9th, 2010

We're still underway with the Organic Indie Preorder Pack (Overgrowth and Natural Selection Special Edition for 40% off), and it's going very well!

However, there is another promotion I'd like to bring your attention to: the ModDB Indie Game of the Year Awards. We were lucky enough to be nominated for the final round and the voting phase has begun. To celebrate the occasion, John whipped up a quick alpha video showing off some of Overgrowth's graphics and a few of our integrated editor tools.

Please watch it in high definition.

Here is a video explaining how to vote. We will need a lot more to win! Just go to the ModDB Voting Page and click on Overgrowth, in the upcoming indie section (near the bottom). Here's a video to help describe the process: watch it in HD!

Thanks for the support everyone!

We are still not in the pink beard threshold of the Organic Indie Preorder Pack, but if interest keeps up like it has, and people keep spreading the good word, we will hopefully make it!