Secret Meebo Party

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November 13th, 2009

Meebo is a local startup whose main goal is to bring chat to the web browser. At, you can log into to most messenger services from within your browser. They are also responsible for the live chat widget that lets anyone talk to us on our live support page.

Yesterday, Jeff received an email from Meebo explaining that a secret party would be taking place in the city, celebrating their recent massive growth. It was quite an honor because not many people were invited -- it was in a cozy lounge in SF.

Yes, they said we could post about it on the blog

We got to mingle with everyone on the Meebo team from the founders to fresh employees. We also got to meet an assortment of other people in the tech industry.

The food was great and even though it was in a pretty swanky club, the music was still quiet enough that we could hear ourselves think. We even got some cool Meebo swag. Check out the flask:

How did we make the list? Well, we're cooking up a little something with Meebo, but we're not ready to reveal it yet. Any guesses as to what it is?