Lugaru Competition Voting Period Begins

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December 4th, 2008

We are officially starting phase two of the Lugaru video contest! All of the entries have been submitted and now we are starting a three day voting period, ending Saturday, December 6th at 11:59 PM PST.

You can view all of the entries here: Lugaru contest entries

The owner of the video with the most WeGame "Likes" at the end of this period will win a free copy of Overgrowth and a $50 gift certificate to the Cafpress Wolfire T-Shirt Store! The next two runners-up will receive a free copy of Overgrowth! We reserve the right to award subjective bonus prizes for notable efforts, even if they don't win. Remember, even if you didn't submit a video you can still vote here and feel free to vote for as many videos as you like.

How to vote on

We've seen stone mazes, fire mazes, 8 vs 1 fights, stick legs, melon heads (I guess that's all Tannim so far), the AI tricked into barbecuing itself, challenge level 2 beaten in 5 seconds, savage fights with 70's funk, savage fights with 90's rock, something about Wal-Mart!? and more. Needless to say, regular users of WeGame were a little confused by all the random Lugaru videos and some of them accused us of spamming! Luckily we talked to the founder of WeGame prior to launching this contest and this is officially condoned.

Awesome job guys and good luck in the voting period!