The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is over!

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December 26th, 2010

The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is now over. Thanks everyone for your overwhelming support! The bundle has broken all of our expectations once again: the total payments exceeded $1.8 million! We should have more detailed statistics soon.

Since you exceeded the $1.75M threshold, Revenge of the Titans will release its source code as promised as soon as they can get it packaged up and figure out licensing and hosting details.

If you purchased the bundle, the download links will continue to work indefinitely so you can download your games whenever you want, for any platform. If you ever lose your download page link, you can just go to and click the 'Key Resender' button, and we will send it to you again. Also, as some of you requested, you can increase your contribution at any time from the download page -- people have already increased their orders by over $19,000, which is incredibly humbling!

We're no longer accepting new purchases for the Humble Indie Bundle #2, but we have big plans for our next project. Stay tuned for more information! If you'd like to hear about it first, you can follow @humble on Twitter, subscribe to the Wolfire Blog RSS feed, or subscribe to get an email when we launch it.

To the Wolfire community: I am sincerely sorry for not packaging Monday's Overgrowth Alpha 110 in time. I wasn't planning to miss an Alpha upload, but the bundle knocked me out. David and Aubrey have been diligently working on the game like always, and Alpha 111 will be available on Monday for everyone who preordered.