Overgrowth fan art spotlight - Ylvali

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November 18th, 2009

Today it is my pleasure to share more wonderful works from the fan art thread. The pieces featured below were created by Ami (aka Ylvali). We were fortunate enough to hear first-hand tidbits of what inspired her to create these works:

My name is Ami. Girl, filmmaker, mother of two, lives in Sweden, likes cheese. I draw in my free time to keep my artistic eyes keen for storyboarding and camera placement, and for fun of course. Overgrowth has been a great inspiration, with Aubrey's great concepts and all the talented fan artists. Im not very experienced with digital art yet, but I have started to experiment with colouring my scanned pictures. Id very much like to learn more about digital graphics in the future, and this blog/forum gives a good start.

One of my first experiments in digital drawing, I used a screen from the Alpha to make the background.

Wolf With Flag

My contribution to the debate on stealth mechanics.

Disguised Wolf

I had this idea of a mod campaign where Turner gets his ninja suit stolen and has to roam the city in cute underwear in search for it.

Turner Looking For His Clothes

A bit different from my usual style, Inspired by realistic manga like Kamui and Kozure Okami

Drowning Rabbit

Theres definitely going to be ninja moles in Overgrowth, even if I have to mod them in myself!

Ninja Moles

Im hoping to see a wastelands/Mad Max themed mod for Overgrowth some day. This one is inspired by that idea.

Rat Pyromaniac

Not a piece of fan art, but an example of my workflow when sketching. I start out marking abstract scenery, energy lines and directions for the characters. Then go on "rigging" the bodies to these lines. This one is a wasted backpacker trying to mix in with the local farmers, you know the sort if you've been to India. (Remember to click on the image to see the full version.)

Workflow Example

This latest image I wanted to stay true to the game theme, and go for a more artistic clean style.

Rabbit's Foot - Rat's *ss


Thanks again Ami. It's amazing how many different styles you've experimented with in your drawings. Ami's wolf can disguise himself almost as well as the Whale Man at Halloween. Also, the drowning rabbit portrait is a somber reminder of the dangers involved in adding water to Overgrowth. All the pieces are great, but I think the wolf with the flag is my favorite. What do you guys think?