Wolfire Selected For Game Connection Lyon

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October 14th, 2009

In June, amidst my adventures at E3, I happened across an official looking section of the show floor called Game Connection. I walked over to find out more, and the friendly representative explained that Game Connection is an event designed to facilitate meetings between people working in the gaming industry. They describe it as speed dating between developers, publishers, distributors and service providers. When I heard that tickets cost up to 4500 ($6,720 USD), I inquired if there was any kind of indie discount. That's when I was told about Game Connection's Level Up program.

Game Connection

Level Up is a program that gives free tickets to five companies for the Game Connection in Lyon. Young game developers from all over the world can apply and this year there were 60 companies in the running. All the applications were reviewed by a panel of industry professionals from big companies like Microsoft and Konami and after all the votes were tallied, Wolfire was selected as one of the lucky five.

Many people have asked us if Overgrowth will make it onto consoles or into stores. We haven't been able to tell you for sure because, frankly, most large companies do not return our emails. However, maybe sitting across the table from them in person will help us get their attention. This is a huge honor and we're very grateful to Game Connection for making this possible. I'm already trying to polish up on my French.

Anybody know of any cool things to do in Lyon (assuming we have any free time)?