Prototype Assets

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October 21st, 2009

Iteration is one of the most important aspects of game asset development. Sometimes there are aspects of an asset that take an inordinate amount of time to iterate, or some things need more tries than others to perfect. Here is what I have been working on recently, trying to nail down the the exact texel size of things, and how to best use polygons (the textures are white because it makes it easier to see the shapes). The one on the left uses the most triangles, so I made the one in the middle, but I was unhappy with the shape, and ended up with the one on the right. That is just so far! I am still working on how to get the most out the assets.

Here is a first try at something a bit bigger. Since this is only the first iteration it has some problems, but they are easy to see and correct now that I have this as an example.

Here I threw a few of these test assets together with some simple textures to test out colors, and see how they looked as a group. Once I get a few assets that I think are well constructed and look natural together, I can use them as a base for the final finished assets.