Animation Mixing UI

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October 25th, 2009

A couple of days ago, David asked me to add a new feature to the animation editor UI. He wanted the ability to have multiple timelines in the UI so he could mix animations. He drew me a picture to make it a bit more clear:

It required a little bit of refactoring, but it was pretty straightforward to implement. Normally something like this would take a really long time, but thanks to our decision to standardize on HTML5 for our UI layer (via Webkit / Chrome / Awesomium), it took less than a day!

Here's a video of the new UI coupled with soothing ambient music from Mikko Tarmia! Be sure to watch it in HD!

I highly recommend watching this on YouTube or pressing the fullscreen button, so it is more legible.

When we get a little further along, I am sure John will post another professional video showing how to use it in the game! In the meantime, I've posted the UI sources in the secret preorder forum to people who want to test it out.