Overgrowth Soundtrack: Combat 1

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September 3rd, 2009

Today we have a continuation of our efforts to upload previews of Overgrowth music on our YouTube channel. The songs are composed by the talented Mikko Tarmia and often feature Anton Riehl on the flute.

It is my pleasure to present another fast and furious combat track. Here is Combat 1. Be sure to listen to it in HD.

As with the previous combat track we revealed, I can feel a combination of controlled power and frantic chaos. Will the player be able to rabbit kick his foe into a hard rock or wind up crumpled on the ground in a pool of blood? A battle unfolds in my brain as I absorb the furious tribal beat accented by the nervous strings. The flute which occurs 33 seconds into the track provides strong reinforcement to this already battle-hardened song. What impressions does it give you?

You can find the growing Overgrowth soundtrack playlist here.