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More Magical Meebo Memories

Add Comment! By John Graham on September 27th, 2009

Our live chat widget continues to be a useful tool for meeting professionals in the industry, offering customer service and introducing new visitors to our site. However, enough time has passed that I've gathered another set of silly moments.

meeboguest269449 : Do you want to know about Jesus?
wolfirejohn: I usually don't discuss religion with people on meebo :)
wolfirejohn: it's not my place
meeboguest269449 : POO PEE
wolfirejohn: I'm just here to help people learn about Overgrowth and Wolfire
meeboguest269449 : POO PEE
meeboguest269449 : CC & CHICHI
meeboguest269449 : F**k You
meeboguest269449 : F**k You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wolfirejohn: :)
(...later that night, while I was sleeping...)
Emanuel Poo Pee: F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
meeboguest193297: hello?
meeboguest193297: are there really only five people working on this game?
meeboguest193297: is there actually someone online or is this some kind of trap
meeboguest193297: ya, im gonna say trap.
dah: Dude
dah: Seriously
dah: Why do you have the same face on every picture?
dah: Dude
dah: Seriously
dah: Dude...
(You guys are on to me. I don't actually go to events, I just photoshop stock photos of myself onto other people's conference photos. ;) )
moocow87 : so what are ur thought on moo cow
wolfirejohn: moo cow hasn't done anything wrong as far as I know
wolfirejohn: so neutral
wolfirejohn: but skeptical
meeboguest11827: i f**king hate moo cow
meeboguest74381: lol
meeboguest74381: hey
meeboguest74381: about your beard
wolfirejohn: sure
meeboguest74381: shave it
wolfirejohn: HAHA
meeboguest74381: lol
wolfirejohn: thank you for your feedback
meeboguest74381: and dont wear a kilt again
meeboguest74381: it gave me night mares
meeboguest23628: Offline?
meeboguest23628: FEH!
meeboguest23628: Damn you and your needs, you don't need to eat or sleep your a robot for christ's sake!
meeboguest913044: Hello Johnathan
meeboguest913044: After pre-ordering Overgrowth, my member enlarged
meeboguest913044: Thank you.

No meebo is not a trap and no I'm not a robot so definitely feel free to come message me. Even if I'm not around, you can leave your email and I should be able to get back to you when I log on again.