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GDC Austin is almost over

Add Comment! By John Graham on September 18th, 2009

It's been an awesome time in Austin. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was smaller than E3 and the GDC in San Francisco. However, that means there was more time to spend hanging out with people. Below is a picture from the burger place we went to last night.

Around the table from front-left to front-right: Phil Fish, Shawn White, Joel DeYoung, Michael Wilford, Steve Swink, John Graham, Mathew Wegner, Brent Fox, Andy Moore, Felix Bohatsch, Adam and Bekah Saltsman, Robin Lacey, Ron Carmel, Kyle Pulver, Alec Holowka.

I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday hanging out at the Indie Games Summit, watching talks that offered fresh perspectives on the gaming industry. Many of the talks were business-oriented and ended up supporting our open-development PR strategy.

Today was my first chance to hit the expo floor. I made the rounds at all the relevant booths and ended up attending Adam Saltman's flixel workshop. After the workshop, the indies hit 6th street. You can see glimpses of our night on the updated Facebook album.

In other news, there was a (literal) flood in my hotel when I got back tonight which ran down the elevator shafts and trapped a good number of people in the lobby. The emergency strobe lights would have made for a sweet rave party had it not been for the overpowering and obnoxious siren. Looks like I'll be going to sleep at 6am today but I'll be back on my regular schedule tomorrow evening, so you'll be able to find me again on Meebo and other live chat programs.