Hanging Out With Anton

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August 28th, 2009

Anton Riehl, the man responsible for the amazing live flute recordings you've heard in the Overgrowth Soundtrack, flew up from LA to visit the Bay Area this week. So last night we took him out for burgers and beer at one of Jeff's favorite restaurants. Then, following Wolfire tradition, we concluded the evening with some intense Little Big Planet. We subjected Anton to our favorite custom-made level which is impossibly hard (Ozymandias knows what I'm talking about) but Anton was a real trooper. It almost felt like he had played our level before.

Here's a picture of our motley crew. You can see that half of us went the smiley guy route while the other two mugged like thugs.

From left to right that's Jeff, Phillip, Anton and John

I had already been chatting some with Anton online but it was great to talk to him in person. I've always been kind of a soundtrack enthusiast but Anton is a veteran of the TV and film music industry. So his knowledge of songs and composers greatly exceeds my own. He had quite a few awesome stories to tell (Trivia: If you've seen Crank 2 High Voltage, you've heard Anton and the same flute he used for the Overgrowth themes featured prominently).

We're really glad he could take time out of his busy schedule to come hang out with us and we hope he enjoyed his visit to the Bay Area.

Who do you guys think has the best beard: me, Anton or Jeff three weeks from now?